29 May 2008

Say goodnight, Hedy

That's Hedley.

Harvey Korman, one of the finest comedic actors of the past century died today of complications from an aortic aneurysm. He was 81.

Korman is best remembered as part of the cast of the Carol Burnett Show but some of his finest work was as Hedley Lamarr, the villain in Mel Brooks' 1974 western spoof Blazing Saddles.

In memory of Korman here are two clips, one of Korman with Mel Brooks as Governor William J. LePetomane.

The second one, well it's just short and sweet.



BlastFurnace said...

What a terrific actor he was, from a generation when comedy was aimed at elevating our intelligence rather than playing down to the lowest common demoninator.

Many who don't remember Burnett's show but do know The Flintstones will probably recognize Korman as the voice of The Great Gazoo. The world is worse off tonight without his genuine brand of humour.

nadinebc said...

Just blogged about this myself. He was one of the most likable men ever to grace the small screen.